Thursday, 5 November 2015


Dress: Handmade // Cardigan: F+F
Shoes: Miss KG // Bag: Irregular Choice
Coat: Cath Kidston

Today, if you've signed up to this year's #bloggersecretsanta, look out for an email as I'm all done with pairing up. I'm quite excited about running the swap again and have already got some ideas for the parcel I'm going to be sending. That said. I'm finding it rather scary that now Halloween is out of the way, it seems to be Xmas all the way..too much to do!

Anyway, this outfit was a first wear for this cardigan, which I bought in the F+F sale more than a year ago and considered popping into the sale pile, but decided to hang onto it. It's a nice heavy knit, which I'm thankful for as my office seems to have gotten a lot colder in the past week or so.

Another thing I've not worn as much as I should have is this coat, from last season's Cath Kidston collection. I love the floral print and the fact that it's quite thin so has been great for the cooler end-of-summer evenings. Now, though, I seem to be all about the layers and am looking forward to heading out this evening in search of fireworks - I definitely prefer Bonfire Night to Halloween (or Xmas).


  1. Hi Char!!! You look pretty. I do like this ensemble, tis very joyful and bright though the bag is that scary baby from the shoes!!!!x

    1. This is true. I don't have those shoes but they're one of those pairs I'd love to track down one day, despite the scary baby!

  2. Really love this outfit Char! We had no fireworks display in our town this year :( Some of the neighbours had some but Leia was really scared of them so I had to look after her rather than watching them! xx

    1. I've seen a few fireworks but no proper display or anything this year, which is a shame.