Sunday, 15 November 2015

Sunday Shoes 088..


Another hop back into the depths of the shoe cupboard for this week's pair of favourite shoes.
I don't know the official name for these, but I have always loved the little tortoise charm detail on the fronts of them and the gathered bow effect.


I'm a bit hopeless at any information about when this pair was released, but can tell you that they have that lovely teal leather inner, which gets all over your tights when you wear them. They have kitten heels, which aren't in the best state as I've worn them a lot and seem to be really good at kicking my heels or something, as there is a nick in the leather on each one. But it's barely noticeable and I still love them.



  1. AAwwww, they are very sweet!x

  2. Another pair of gorgeous shoes <3 I would love to play dress up in your shoe wardrobe! xx
    Polkadot Pink - a thrifty, life&style blog

  3. Oh, I love the little tortoises! They're such a cute finishing touch. xx

  4. I love the colour and the detail at the front!

  5. Did they have these in suede or was it just the higher heeled frogs that came in suede. I can see a peachy, pink colour in the depths of my historic IC brain! Anyway, they are very cute but I'm absolutely hopeless in kitten heels and yeah it's interesting to hear how we feel about the linings for comfort or staining or the like.

    1. I've not seen the kitten heels in suede, but they have definitely got pale pink suede heeled version, which I can't remember whether I have those or not. I'm sure I've also seen a black version, but not sure if they're leather or suede.