Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Tuesday Titles 067..

The Deep
The Deep - Nick Cutter
I was ever so excited about the prospect of reviewing this book. The other day, we were in Waterstone's and someone said to me "this must be your idea of actual Heaven". I mean, yeah, I love a good book and I read a lot I guess, but there are only a few books which fall into that category of "oh, I can't wait to read that / must get my hands on a copy / etc.

The Deep is one of those books. Having read The Troop last year, I knew kind of what I was letting myself in for. I'd say that The Deep did everything in the book in terms of creating a hellish disease, which is taking the world by storm, but went even further.

The 'Gets is an inexplicable illness which is causing the people on Earth to forget. First it's things like how to tie their shoelaces, but once it takes over, forgetfulness spreads to just about every aspect of their life, including how to eat, sleep and breathe. There is no cure. Imagining this disease is scary enough, but that's almost just an aside to the storyline.

Eight miles under the sea, The Trieste is a scientific research base, set up there because there are people who think they've found a cure for the 'Gets. Ambrosia. Luke's brother, Clayton, is one of the scientists tasked with establishing the solution and his brother Luke has received a message that Clayton needs him: the last contact received from The Trieste. So, how can he refuse?

Luke's journey to the bottom of the ocean is peppered with flashbacks to some of his key experiences whilst growing up, as well as his guilt over the worst thing which has ever happened to him. By being there for his brother, can he make amends? Even if just with himself?

Frankly, there are some downright gruesome moments, but worse still, in my opinion, is the thought that you can never escape the things which haunt you. No matter how far you run, they're following you and ultimately consuming you - try how he might, Luke can't do anything but face his fears head on.

As with The Troop, I find the writing style is just fantastic. So descriptive! Although I know there are some criticisms that some parts of The Deep have been borrowed from other films, I'm not sure I'm aware of them. It's terrifying and one of those books which haunts you when you finish it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, although thought the ending was a little weaker than I'd have liked. Whilst it kind of brought things to a wrap, I'd have liked to know more about the 'Gets, which weren't really mentioned other than at the start.

Anyway, if you like horror, gruesome, scariness, this is for you.


  1. I read this book earlier this year and loved it too! I definitely agree that I'd like to know more about the 'Gets, and although I found the ending more than a little strange, I really enjoyed reading it. I think it was the writing and the atmosphere that completely sucks you in.
    Also, have you read The Martian? I know there's quite a lot of hype around it now after the film, but I read it just before the film came out (without realising that was about to happen weirdly!) and loved that too - it has, in parts, the same sense of isolation that The Deep does.

    1. Oh no I haven't read the Martian yet. I've seen a lot about it but sort of just assumed that was to do with the fact it was a film. Will keep an eye out for a copy in the library if I can!

  2. I read the troop earlier this year and enjoyed it, this book is on my Goodreads list so will definitely be checking it out soon - great review :)

    1. I'd definitely recommend it. I think I liked it more than The Troop.

  3. Ooh, this book sounds amazing! I'll have to get myself a copy soon. xx

    1. Hope you manage to read it - it was one of my favourite reads for a while.