Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Winter Warmers..

WW Collage

I know, I know. A wishlist post and it's not even Friday. But, with the change in temperature this week to the even-colder-than-it-was, we've finally given in and invoked the office central heating and I've spent large parts of my days wishing for just about all of these things to help me warm up.

001: I'm currently working my way through my second Sincerely Louise pattern (which is top secret as it's a Christmas present, if I get it done in time), The first was my pterodactyl bag, which I've finished but failed to take any photos of as yet. But next up, I'd like to make myself this amazing diplodocus scarf. In fact, the list of SL patterns I'd like to make is as long as my arm, but y'know. 

002: I love the chic design of this Helene Berman vest with it's faux fur collar. The idea of layering it over a snug jumper really appeals. I've only recently heard of this brand but was pleased to discover that they'll be stocking this vest in the John Lewis in Birmingham, so will be trying this on when I go Christmas shopping at the weekend.

003: The mix of colours in this coat, combined with the furry lining around the neck just makes me think of a cosy blanket, I think. I'd say this is definitely a good thing, though. And if there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that one can never have enough coats! Kling have SUCH a good coat selection at the moment.

004: When I was in Uni, almost every item of clothing I owned was adorned with stars, and I find I'm still drawn to them now. I love the little "I believe in magic" motto on this Poppy Lux jumper, too.

005: Have you seen this little guy? I have to admit, I've still not caught this year's John Lewis ad, but spotted this mug on Instagram the other day and have decided he's the perfect thing to drink my Christmas coffee from. 

Has the colder weather got you wishing for anything warm and cosy?


  1. That Poppy Lux jumper is just gorgeous! x

  2. Love the diplodocus scarf! My brother gave me a "knit your own dinosaurs" book for my birthday last month (you'd love it!) so I'm currently knitting a diplodocus as a christmas present for my friend.

  3. I love all your items. They are tres jolie!x

  4. Replies
    1. I really want him, but £2 for click and collect seems a bit crazy!