Thursday, 24 December 2015

Climb every mountain..

Alpine Twin Set: Lindy Bop
Red boots: Office (via eBay)

Aside from digging out the Xmas dresses I made in last year's flurry of pre-Christmas activity, my festive wardrobe has grown a little this year. I made something of a franken-dress from some Rudolph fabric I snapped up last December in the Abakhan sale. When I came to look at turning it into a dress, I realised there just wasn't as much fabric as I'd thought, and it was in two bits, so I had to rather jigsaw-piece the back of the bodice together. I'm saving it for Boxing Day and going to be sure to wear a cardigan with it. 

I opened an early Christmas present (with permission, on the basis that I'd get more use from it before Xmas than after) and I've already worn it for a couple of Xmas meals and a day of loafing around relaxing at Alex's. I really like it with these red boots, which I don't seem to have worn enough of this year (where has boots weather even been?!). 

I don't really own a lot of twin sets - I have a couple of Laura Ashley dresses which came with their own jackets, and may have lusted over a sequin dress and top set on ASOS recently, but they've never really been something I've bought into. That said, this seems super versatile in that I've also worn the dress with a red cardigan, which worked well. I guess I could also wear the jacket over my high-waist midi skirt


  1. I am so envious! CBC ordered this for my in a size 8 and then they contacted him 2 days later after saying it was dispatched to say it was out of stock in an 8 and gave him credit for the site rather than a refund- grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
    You look pretty in it- happy Christmas dear Char!x

  2. This twinset is gorgeous Char, you look stunning xx

  3. I love this! Very Christmassy! X

  4. The twin set looks awesome on you! So pretty! I hope you have a great Christmas and a well deserved rest. Merry Christmas! xx