Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tuesday Titles 071..

The Thicket - Joe Lansdale

Another Tuesday, another title. I seem to be reading about one book per week at the moment, which is OK. I've not been as good as recording them as in previous years, but do have them mostly all scribbled down on the back of a sheet of meeting minutes in my diary. I'll maybe make a tab at some point as with previous years, although I've reviewed most of what I've read this year, either on my weekly posts or over on Judging Covers

So, anyway. The Thicket. My first Joe Lansdale, who it turns out is an author I'd read more of without hesitation. I found his writing style compelling, and his story threw up a lot of questions; the characters were involved in some deep conversation in the midst of their quest.

The Thicket centres on Jack, who along with sister Lula and their grandfather is travelling to escape the pox which claimed their parents. After a run-in with some vile bandits on a ferry, Jack is left for dead as the trio make off with his sister. His journey to save her begins.

Before long, he's surrounded by a merry band of associates including a giant pig and a dwarf. Yes, this might all seem quite comical, but the book really isn't. It's deep and compelling, covering a great number of adult themes. It really reminded me of an old Western, so not really my usual kind of thing, but I enjoyed it thoroughly nonetheless. Horizons: broadened.


  1. I've averaged between 7-10 books this year a month, which is better, but it entirely depends what I am up to!

    1. Yes, I've definitely had weeks where I've managed to read a couple and others where I've not managed to even finish one!