Friday, 15 January 2016

Friday Favourites 178..

Friday Favourites 178..
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I'm really feeling inspired at the gym of late. I know that's what everyone seems to be saying in January with the new year, new me things, but it doesn't seem to matter what month of the year it is for me. I'm always happy to be working out or partaking in one of the gym classes and I'm constantly setting myself new goals. 

At the moment I've just started the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and so I'm fitting a couple of her workout routines around the other things I tend to do anyway. As part of my New Year clearing out, I outsorted any items of gym wear which looked a little past their best or had lost their stretch, and have been browsing online for things to replace them with. 

001: I never thought I'd be brave enough to wear a pair of leggings in the gym, in public. I always used to favour baggy track suit trousers, as I'm so self-conscious about the size and shape of my legs, hips and bum. However, one of the things one of my gym buddies made me realise recently is that everyone is so busy focussing on what they're doing, they don't even notice. So I braved a pair of Nike leggings, which I really like and I'm looking to add another pair to my gym bag. These leggings are from F+F and I love the mix of colours. 

002: After having such a bad experience with three Fitbit Flex last year, I'm not sure how I feel about the activity tracker market. But if I were to go for one, I'd plump for the Polar Loop. I already own a Polar heart rate monitor which would be compatible with this, so that would make things easier. 

003: Another pair of gym trousers, this time from George. As you can see, I'd go for prints over plain any day (just like my regular wardrobe, then). 

004: A girl can never have enough sports bras, right? 

005: I really like the idea of this water bottle. It's got a hidden space for keeping money or a bank card in, meaning you don't have to take anything else out with you when you run. Now, I'm not a huge fan of running outside, but it's something I'm trying hard to make myself like, or at the very least tolerate it. Watch this space.

006: I like this Tu Clothing top, as it has a mesh back, which has got to be good for keeping cool in spin class!

007: Swimming every day takes it's toll not only on my hair but also the state of my swimsuits. I am always on the lookout for a decent, proper (i.e not a halter or tie neck) one-piece swimsuit, and I've found that Seafolly are up there with the best. 

What are your gym essentials?


  1. Would you ever write a review of how you're finding the Kayla Itsines guides, Char? I'm really interested in it but as it's such an investment I'd be curious about how effective you find it xx

  2. I've never ever got into fitness or the gym so sadly have little experience of all this, even though I worked in a gym for 2years!!!

  3. I much prefer leggings at the gym, I'm so clumsy I would get baggy trousers caught in the cross trainer. My gym wear is in serious need of updating.

    1. I've been using loose tracksuity trousers for years and haven't had any problems, other than getting too hot in them when in spinning class or doing lots of cardio.