Saturday, 30 January 2016

One more frozen orange juice..

Coat: Yumi
Bag: New Look // Wedges: Office
Dress: Run and Fly // Blazer: George

One of the good things about having to clear out the Wardrobe Room prior to building my new shoe shelves in there was that it forced me to actually go through some of the bags and boxes of clothes I have stored in there. I've rediscovered so much.

This coat, for instance, which I don't think I've worn for a couple of years. I decided that I'd go for orange accessories with this fox print dress, which I've also not worn for ages. I'm trying to decide on how best to store my clutch bag collection - am wondering about using one of the living room shelves and moving my craft things. I have a new display case to make as well (loving the flat-pack furniture lately, not!) so the whole room might need to have a little rearrange anyway. When I next have some spare time.

I have weekend plans which all mostly involve catching up on all of the things I've not had time to do this week. I am opening my dress commission book again now that the New Year is underway, so I'll be sewing, no doubt.


  1. Oh, that fox print dress is so cute! I need to find a better way to store my bags, too. I have some on top of my wardrobe, tons on the back of my bedroom door, and more dotted about. I think my collection could do with it's own (shelved) wardrobe! One day...

    1. Thanks! I suppose that's another option - clear space in one of the wardrobes, but I can't see that happening. I'm considering moving the shoe boxes from the tall kitchen cupboard and maybe putting some more shelves in there...