Monday, 22 February 2016




I mentioned last month in my 2016 goals post that one of the things I've pledged to do is at least one random act of kindness per month. This could be something as simple as sending a care package to a pal who is going through a rough time, donating blood (this is something which I try to do when I can anyway, although was turned away in January as I wasn't well enough) or something a little more complex, like taking on a new volunteer project. I love the idea that sometimes the little things can make a big difference and that even whilst I don't have any spare cash available to me, that shouldn't stop me from doing something good.

So far this month, I've made a couple of gifts for people I knew needed cheering up, have donated lots of items to a friend who is starting afresh in a new solo home, and am posting out these little mice. I've rebooked my blood donation appointment in the hope that I can donate with success last time, and I've bought coffee and bacon sandwiches for the homeless couple who live on my route into town. Taking part in #lettermo has meant that I've been inspired to write and catch up with friends I've fallen out of touch with, or just to send some written messages of love.

If you're inspired to take on the challenge, I've found a lot of great ideas in this infographic, produced by NRS Healthcare, who launched their #BeSelfless campaign last month. Their hashtag and feed has been filled with ideas of small and larger suggestions on ways you could do something for others. I can definitely get on board with the volunteering thing - as I must have mentioned many times, I've been volunteering with Girlguiding for many years now.

Have you done anything to #BeSelfless lately? Any suggestions?

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  1. You have done some great things. It is nice to encourage people to do something good for others and doing something nice does make you feel good!!!x

    1. It's lovely to feel as though you've helped or made a difference.

  2. You have made me think about what i can do too, you are fab girl!! well done to you....xxxx