Friday, 4 March 2016

Friday Favourites 185..

Friday Favourites185 Collage
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This week, all that seems to be catching my eye is handbag-shaped cuteness, so I've rounded up some of my favourites, spotted over the past week or so. 

001: Kate Spade never fail to come up with amazing but cute designs, and this season seems to be no exception - a pastel coloured ice cream truck would be the perfect addition to just about any summer's day outfit, no?

002: I love the wicker bag designs they come up with, too (my snail bag is small but perfect), and this dalmatian is just amazing. I mean, it's possibly not the most practical shape to carry all of your worldly possessions, but it's certainly a statement. As someone who's scared of dogs, I'd prefer this one as a pet..

003: Accessorize also seem to be continuing on top form with their bags for this season - this radio is just like a real one I've been longing for for years now.

004: Barbara Rihl bags seem always to make me think of holidays, and this little beauty is no exception with it's cheerful swimming pool print, surrounded by palm trees. Perfect for carrying all of the essentials on the beach holiday I dream of.

005: Possibly my favourite pick this week - this picnic basket bag. Again, Accessorize are knocking it out of the park, by creating something which would look right at home in the park on a sunny day. Hmm. 

006: Such a cute carousel,  I love the shape of this one. 

007: This little juice carton bag would be perfect for those little trips into town to run some errands, or a night out when you don't need a lot with you..

Do you have a penchant for novelty bags? Which is your favourite?


  1. I love the ice cream van, definitely my favourite :)

  2. I love their cuteness although I know I'd have size issues! I have a radio biscuit tin with handles that I've often contemplated lining in material and converting!x

    1. Hmm, I understand what you mean, although I think I've managed to get used to carrying just the essentials with me so that I can cope with a smaller bag.

  3. I want them all, especially the wicker basket (which I hope to pick up soon), and all of the new Kate Spades. Their latest designs are all amazing. xx

    1. I really like the wicker basket, but just can't bring myself to purchase something SO summery when it's snowing outside.

  4. I NEED ALL OF THESE IN MY LIFE!! Especially the juice carton. How refreshing! ;-) XX