Wednesday, 23 March 2016

I wish that I could be like the cool kids..

Dress: Monsoon // Blazer, Tights: Primark
Robot Bag: Accessorize // Scarf: Oasis // Heels: Irregular Choice

I'm not sure what it is about this outfit which I don't quite love. It seemed as though it worked quite well in my head, but somehow I'm not sure when I look at the photos. Ah well. 

The dress was a sale purchase from Monsoon last year (a gift from a shopping trip with my mum as I was mid-spending-ban) and I can't recall when I last wore this panda print blazer but it's certainly been a while

Any excuse to give my robot bag another outing, along with these heels which I've only had a few weeks but have worn a good few times already

Separately, I like all of the components, (apart from perhaps the sequin scarf which had turned my neck a funny shade of pink by 10am) but somehow together I'm not so sure. Ever feel like that?


  1. I think it is actually the pink scarf that doesn't work, the way it is hanging I think. The rest of the outfit works really well!! Yep, I've had MANY outfits that just don't quite work!!Xx

    1. Well, I've dropped it into the charity bag now as it was turning my neck pink.

  2. I think I agree with Kezzie, it's very probably the scarf. I have outfits like this that seem perfect in theory but just don't feel all that. I have purchased three long cardigans recently and something had been bothering me about them... now I realise that it's that they remind me of bath robes too much (probably won't wear them much anymore!)
    Lovely dress, I remember seeing this one in store.

    1. I used to love long cardigans, but at some point I decided they really didn't suit me.