Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Tuesday Titles 083..

This Must Be The Place
This Must Be the Place : Maggie O'Farrell 

Another new author to me this week; I love that I've been discovering so many new writers of late. When I mentioned this book, a lot of people suggested other O'Farrell books which I'd enjoy, and based on this one, I'll certainly be looking out for them. 

So, we're introduced to Daniel, who lives in the remote wilds of Ireland, where it takes travelling through twelve gates to reach the road.

With each chapter of the book, we learn a little more about Daniel, his past, his present and a secret which has haunted him for a considerable time. I really enjoyed the way that the narrative skips through time and the different moments of his life history are pieced together like a jigsaw. I often shy away from books like this as I sometimes find it hard to keep up, but no such issue here - O'Farrell's superb writing style keeps everything running smoothly.

This Must Be The Place really explores the concept of the way in which those you leave behind can haunt your life as it goes on and the struggle everyone faces to find the place you really belong. An utterly compelling look at those loves you've lost, and how to move on without them. 


  1. Oooh, sounds a super book!!! I quite like jumpy narratives yet like you I don't like it when it is hard to keep track!!x

    1. Certainly a writer I would recommend!

  2. Love the sound of this book! I always love her books, so I'll definitely get myself a copy once it's released. xx