Saturday, 16 April 2016

Circle high, circle low..

Dress: George // Cardigan: H+M
Loafers: Irregular Choice // Bag: Pylones

[Bags under eyes: Models' Own.] By the end of the week, I'd decided it was OK to have a casual Friday. These loafers are super comfortable and my legs were hurting from my gym session the previous night. Sometimes, heels, DOMS and an upstairs office don't mix. 

This dress came from George years and years ago, when they used to have a shop solely for their clothing range in the shopping centre in Chester. I picked it up in the sale for less than £5 as I was mostly drawn to the cute pink bow detail on the collar and the bird print. I've not worn it for a long time, but it fell out of the wardrobe at me the other day, which I took to be a sign. 

Pink teapot handbag to match the details on the dress and a pair of black tights which I later realised had holes in and have subsequently met their fate with the bin. 

Ever find something you've not worn for years?


  1. I've forgotten what most of my clothes look like now, because it's been over 2 years since I got dressed regularly. I have a few garments on rotation for days when I do get dressed. The wardrobe is so crammed, as is the chair pile, so I'm always too knackered to venture into those! This bag is fabulous.

    1. I've managed to get a good half of my wardrobe into my virtual wardrobe app, which has definitely helped me to remember some of the things. Also great to know what shoes I have as I often forget, particularly if I see some on ebay or something.