Saturday, 23 April 2016

Delta and Blue..

Rap-Pack brooch: Erstwilder
Shoes: Matalan // Bag: LDYC // Tights: New Look
 One day this week I had to dress a little more work-y than usual, and this was the result. Most of the time, I love not having a dress code - I was told last week that someone I spend time with always feels massively under-dressed when we go out, but I think that's more that I am *perpetually overdressed*. I'm cool with that, but it does make my "goalposts" a little different to other people's, I think. 

Like, for me, this is quite a toned down, normal outfit. But given the raised eyebrows I got from one of my gym pals, it's apparently not what one would call corporate dressing. Hey ho. 

Despite toning things down a little, I couldn't resist attaching these raptor clips to my cardigan - I've named them Blue and Delta after my favourites from Jurassic World, which I watched again the other day and enjoyed just as much as the first time. 

Dress: Matalan // Cardigan: F+F


  1. I'm always over-dressed, too, but I'd rather be over-dressed than under-dressed any day of the week. I love your outfit, especially the collar clips- so cute! I still need to see Jurassic World. I caught bits of it when my bestie visited with her dino-mad little boy, but we were too busy nattering to watch it properly. xx

    1. Me too - totally not worried about being overdressed for everything.

  2. Yeah my friends say that about me too. They know to expect me overdressed for everything! I loooove those brooches on you.

    1. Thanks, aren't they fabulous? I'd never really got the Erstwilder hype until they released the dinosaurs!