Friday, 1 April 2016

Friday Favourites 189..

FF 189 Collage
001 // 002 // 003 // 004
With all of this sudden springtime sunshine, my thoughts have been turning towards outfits to wear to an upcoming wedding (ugh). I think I might have cracked it, though.

001: This ASOS dress has a really lovely bow detail to the front and I'm excited by the luxe fabric choice, which is described as a structured sateen covered in this glorious floral print. 

002: You would not believe the issues I've had recently trying to track down a pale yellow cardigan. I thought that this would be a pretty simple ask, so was surprised when I'd exhausted all of my usual haunts on a recent shopping trip to Chester (Primark, H+M, Zara, M+S) and had come home empty-handed. But it rather looks as though Boden has come to the rescue with this one - the perfect shade of lemon and would also go wonderfully with this dress..!

003: These sandals aren't as high as I'd perhaps usually go for, but I'm thinking that the weather can sometimes be a little funny in April and I'd therefore need to opt for something a little lower than usual in case the ground is muddier than usual (the venue is mostly outside). I love the odd-shaped jewels on the fronts of these, and the perfect colour matching with the dress.

004: I can't put an outfit together lately without a cute quirky bag, so this Accessorize telephone would be my pick for this outfit. 

What would you wear to a Spring wedding?


  1. Why ugh?
    I tend to wear old favourites to a wedding rather than desperately trying to find something new which never ever goes well for me when I deliberately go looking for an outfit! I can never find anything!! Your choice looks pretty. I originally was going to make you a phone bag for Christmas-I found the perfect little round bag with a chain to make a rotary dial by appliche but ran out of time so when I moved it ended up getting accidently put in the charity bag

  2. At least your dislike of weddings ends in a fab outfit...? This is a lovely ensemble, and the bag makes it very you.
    For a spring wedding I'd be tempted to go for floaty wide leg trousers and a fine knit top / vest top and jacket - just because it could be on the chilly side.

    1. This is a good point, although I tend to be one of those people who is always too warm, so don't worry that much about layering up.

  3. That bag is on my wishlist too, so cute. I'm not sure about the length of the dress, but I like the colours.

    1. I thikn I can only feel comfortable with midi lengths in heels.