Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Tuesday Titles 089..

The Second Love of My Life : Victoria Walters
Things are going pretty swimmingly for Rose, married to her childhood sweetheart and looking forward to their lives together in the seaside town in which they grew up. But all this is about to change when Lucas is killed in an accident, and Rose becomes a widow in her early 20s. Happily ever after shouldn't look like this, should it? 

Two years after the accident, Rose is trying hard to get things back on track, although she hasn't been able to paint without Lucas as her muse. She's finding things a struggle, and I found the first few chapters a bit of a struggle as well. It felt as though I should have known a little more background about the Rose and her friends, but more becomes clear as the book progresses. 

When a new man arrives in town, desperate to purchase the paintings of an artist he's read so much about, Rose feels the stirrings of something more than sadness inside her, and is forced to decide whether or not she can let go of her past enough to contemplate spending time with someone new. Could she? Should she? How could she do that to Lucas' family, who see Rose as the daughter they never had?

I found the book a little too brief to deal with so many huge happenings. SO much happens in each chapter that I was struggling to keep up. There's a bit of a twist, which throws things into super speed and there is just so much going on. I don't know whether this detracted from my enjoyment of the book, but I just felt as though I was struggling to connect with the characters for a lot of their experiences. 

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