Saturday, 28 May 2016

Fox Fierce Weightlifting Gloves

Womens Weightlifting Gloves : Fox Fierce

I'll start this review by pointing out that I'm not really one for gym-related fads. I don't jump on the many gym-related-stuff bandwagons I see passing by me on a regular basis (fitness trackers, fancypants water bottles, protein powders etc), but one thing which I spent a while tracking down to add to my gym bag was a pair of weightlifting gloves.

I work out in the gym at least once per day and most of those workouts involve weights of some description. After the first few months of bench pressing and deadlifts, and the weights I was lifting got heavier, it became pretty clear that I was going to need to get some gloves to protect my hands. 

When I was a school kid, I'd spend my playground breaks climbing on the monkey bars which formed part of our "adventure playground" (there was nothing particularly adventurous about it, it was just called that). I'd come home most days with blisters on my hands, which soon turned into callouses and since then, everytime I do anything grippy with my hands, they return with a vengeance. And they annoy me, so I decided I needed some gloves, to try and stop kettlebell classes, hanging leg raises and weightlifting affect them.

To be honest, I thought it would be a fairly easy thing to find - a pair of gloves which would protect my hands. I was totally wrong, and two pairs from Sports Direct later (one pathetically thin blue set which made me look a little like a mime artist, and a pair which were padded so as to make it clear they were for punchbag work), my friend presented me with these Fox Fierce gloves.


The gloves themselves are thick enough to offer protection to my hands, but not so much that I lose any grip or anything. They fasten around the top of my hand with Velcro so are adjustable to a certain extent, although come several size options anyway (and two colour options). 

The main part of the glove is covered in leather sections, which are padded across the palm and around the wrist. The non-padded sections are covered with rubberised dots to assist with grip, and I definitely notice a marked improvement in my grip when it comes to things like hanging from the bars for chin ups or leg raises. 


I'd absolutely recommend these. I've found that the added grip helps me in kettlebell classes, which has in turn allowed me to move up to using a heavier weight for swings etc. The gloves are super comfortable and a much better fit for me than anything I tried from elsewhere. Although I'm not entirely keen on the idea of something like this being marketed for women by selling them in pink (the other colour option includes flashes of pink), they're certainly the best solution I've found and I've been happily using these Fox Fierce gloves for a few months now and they're showing no signs of wear or tiring. I wash them in the machine every couple of weeks, which they seem to be fine with. 

These are absolutely one of my gym bag essentials and I wouldn't be without them. 


  1. Gosh I'm knackered just thinking about all that you do! Even pre-illness I swear I had no upper body strength at all! I never wanted to go on the monkey bars, I was always afraid of falling and it just hurt/burnt my hands. I've never in my life managed to swing from one bar to another!! I used to be strong when it came to lifting things though, it's just the dangling from something I'm hopeless at.

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