Sunday, 29 May 2016

I'll cry if I want to..

Dress: Vintage
And cry I did. A fair amount this week, it has to be said. I'm not sure what started it off, but I've been having a bit of a confidence wobble this week. Just a general freak out about a few things in my life that as my birthday rolls around, I'd sort of thought I'd have more sorted. Thankfully I'm surrounded by some amazing people who have reassured me that it's okay if life doesn't turn out quite the way you thought it was going to.

Brooch: Erstwilder

Anyhow, I've never really been one for a lot of birthday fuss, preferring not to bother celebrating really, but sometimes you just can't escape doing something. So, what better excuse for a pretty vintage dress, sent to me this week by a friend who thought I'd be able to find a space for it in my wardrobe (truth). 

Coat: Monsoon
The skirt is layered, yellow chiffon over another layer of brighter yellow skirt, over a lovely crinoline layer. I really love 50s fashion - such attention to detail. The dress fastens with a centre back zip and there are several hooks and eyes to fasten it at the top of the crinoline and another at the back of the neck for the lovely shawl shoulder effect. Plus of course, bows on the front - perfect.

Blushing Bird heels: Irregular Choice
I decided it was high time I faced my fears and wore my flamingo heels. Being super cautious when I go down the stairs or drive etc, but I do love them so they're worth the effort. I do have to remember to walk further apart, if that makes sense, so as the heads don't catch on one another when I take a step. I don't think these are going to be a pair which see heavy wear in the future.

Rocket Bag: Accessorize
An outing for my lovely rocket clutch bag, and my Erstwilder Cera brooch, which I decided went nicely with the beaded detail on this Monsoon coat. One of those items which I don't wear that often, but is a perfect Spring-weight layer over dresses for the chilly evenings. Plus, anything with sparkles and beads is a winner in my book, and if you can't wear sparkles on your birthday, when can you?! 


  1. Oh wow, those flamingo heels are gorgeous Char and they go perfectly with your dress! I hope you're feeling better now too and if not I'm sending lots of virtual hugs to you. - Tasha

  2. Sorry to hear about your wobble - I am sure that you will soon feel more confident again. I had a bad few weeks at work recently but got through it OK in the end.

    I love your outfit - very springlike but I think I would fall over myself if I tried to wear your shoes. I do like high heels but often turn my ankle - so I think the flamingos would be a step too far LOL!

  3. Argh, glad to hear you managed with your flamingo heels. I've yet to wear mine, but like you say, I think it just has to become a thing to remember when wearing them. The brooch is absolutely gorgeous and perfect with that jacket. I hate life/birthday/age freak outs. I'm living proof that life doesn't work out the way you want. The career, kids etc are likely never to happen for me now, but I find I get through it by not thinking about it too much (which is avoidance apparently!). Of course it's thrown in my face on a daily basis (ALL my friends are married with kids now), but you just have to keep going. That wasn't really a great pep talk (!)