Saturday, 7 May 2016

My fabric stash..

So, here we are. One quarter of the way through 2016. Where has that even gone?! I've been thinking a lot about my 2016 goals and figured it was about time I had a little round-up to see where I'm up to. One of the things I've really not done so well on thus far is the "not buying fabric until I've used my stash". 

001 // 002 // 003 // 004 // 005 // 006  (similar)// 007 (I can't find this, but it's Michael Miller) // 008 // 009 (can't even find anything similar) // 010 // 011 // 012 // 013 // 014 // 015 (similar) // 016 // 017 (similar) // 018 (similar) // 019 // 020 (can't find this) // 021(pretty sure this is Inprint Makower but can't find this one) // 022 // 023 // 024 (Cath Kidston but can't find a link) // 025 (blue or grey) // 026 // 027 // 028 (can't find) // 029 (can't find) // 030 (multi colour) // 031 // 032

So, this is my current fabric stash. (There are a couple of things stored which I haven't added to the photo, as I am saving them for something special, or I have decided I won't be using them for anything after all, so will get rid or use for toiles).


I've tried to link to the fabrics I could still find online, but there are some I can't seem to track down - some of them came from fabric shows and some from a reseller of Cath Kidston fabrics online, which always seems to sell out quickly, but I've tried to put similar ones where I can.

So, because 1) I can't draw for toffee and 2) I am not one of those organised people who does diagrams of what they're going to make next, I've a few ideas for some of these but most of the time I just choose a fabric I like the look of and decide what to make with it.

Some of the fabrics I do have specific ideas for, like (002) and (003) are going to be combined to make a version of this Chi Chi dress, and I've plans for another Butterick B5882 with the border print fabric (001).

I've ordered some orange ric rac to finish off (004) which I want to turn into a buttoned pinafore dress, similar to this.

The Cath Kidston ones are all a canvas / cotton mix, so being heavier than regular cotton means they'll all probably end up being a variation on this dress.

Aside from those ideas, though, I guess I'll just work my way through what I have and see what they become. Any suggestions?



  1. So much lovely fabric! I was so close to also buying (004) on my fabric binge last month but sadly restrained myself. It's such a cute print. Combining it with orange ricrac for a pinafore dress sounds fantastic.

    I think I have (015) but in a mustard and pink colourway. Hopefully it'll turn into a By Hand London Kim dress for the summer.

    1. I'm not sure about those flowers anymore, but maybe I'll give them a try. My ric rac has arrived now so I really should crack on with that dress, particularly now the sun has arrived. Also need to get on with my Turia pattern!

  2. I love the pink flamingos and the pineapples, but at 20 quid a metre or thereabouts, I don't think I'll be buying them!! (Cheapskate)I also laughed at the pink lace, that comes from the Gothic Wedding Shop.
    I really must get my sewing groove back and the table cleared so that I can actually cut some stuff out. That would be a good start!

    1. That's not what I paid for them, they were really cheap from a shop in Leeds but those links were the closest I could find online. Haha, I'm sure the pink lace is cheapo but am hoping it will look nice over the purple satin.

  3. I am SO jealous of your gorgeous fabric stash!! I've got my own little stash too which I'm working my way down a little, but sadly most of them are autumn/winter fabrics that I don't feel like sewing at the moment - typical! I did dig out a cherry print cotton I bought on holiday last year and had been saving for a dress that I made a top out of yesterday (and am wearing today actually), but I saw SO many beautiful fabrics in my magazine this weekend that I'm thinking I may put in an order soon - don't judge me! To be fair, a lot of my stash is bra making stuff at the moment that I really need to organise - I've made another 3 bras recently so think I may have exhausted myself of those for a while :D

    1. No judgement here! I'm so in awe of your lingerie making skills, one day I must give that a try!