Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sunday Shoes 109..


Another blast from the past here today. One of my very first pairs of Irregular Choice shoes were these bikini print kitten heel slingbacks. I purchased them with some Paypal funds from my first few eBay sales, which was quite exciting. 

I'd never really bought much online before that, and had only discovered the brand a couple of months previously, when I'd seen a pair of their Yee-Hah! cowgirl boots in Schuh when shopping in Birmingham and hadn't been able to let myself return home without them. I wore those boots to death - day in, day out - and ended up with a backup pair, which are the ones I own now. 

But back to these. I'm not sure of their name (some of the ones from this era didn't seem to have actual names, only product numbers), but was drawn to the kitschy polka dot bikini, and the green ric rac trim. 

I might not be overly fond of kitten heels as a style, but these little peg style heels won me over as they seem so quirky. I don't think I've worn these since Day 115 of my #irregularchoicechallenge so perhaps it's time for them to get another outing. 

I've been wondering for a while if it's time for another challenge. I just need to decide on what.

IMG_8699[1] IMG_8700[1] 


  1. They are very sweet. the combination of dots and ricrac is always a winner in my eyes x

  2. The soles and bikini motifs are so cute! xx

    1. Aren't they just? One of my favourite sole designs, I think.

  3. Very cute.
    And yes, a challenge! I do like a good challenge :)

  4. I've always been quite fond of that floral lining, it's such a vibrant print.