Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Tuesday Titles 093..

The Ex Factor
The Ex Factor : Debbie Viggiano

Sam Worthington is married to Annie. He’s also a loving, hands-on dad to daughter Ruby. Then Sam discovers Annie is having an affair. Even worse, she wants a divorce. Devastated, Sam has to cope not just with the dismantling of a marriage, but being parted from the daughter he adores. 

When Annie’s new relationship breaks down, she wants Sam back. But Sam has now met teaching student Josie, and re-discovered love. Annie hatches a plan to seduce Sam and win him back, but her plan fails. Sam hadn’t counted on his rejection of Annie backfiring on him so spectacularly – for Annie vows to use Ruby to destroy her ex-husband. 

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And for Sam Worthington, his journey to hell is just beginning...

I've certainly been in my share of dreadful, jealousy-driven relationships. Probably other people's share as well. And a lot of ex-wives certainly seem to have a reputation for being a little unhinged, particularly when the dust is still settling as the divorce becomes final. That said, I've never experienced anyone *quite* as evil as Annie. 

Manipulative and malicious, it's almost difficult reading about Annie's latest attempts to get back at her ex-husband. I know that this book is a step away from Viggiano's usual repertoire and a lot of her readers weren't a fan of Annie, but I found her refreshingly honest and raw. No, I don't agree with her futile attempts at control and her shameful use of emotional blackmail, but it happens. As someone who's listened to horror stories of estranged parents using and abusing court orders to exercise a little power over the other parent, this is bang on the money in terms of what SO many people are going through, which could potentially make for difficult reading. 

Naturally, the introduction of another woman into Sam's life throws up it's own complications, added to which Josie has a daughter of her own, the same age as Sam's little girl, Ruby, A match made in heaven, you'd be forgiven for thinking. Sadly this is not the case and all the reader can do is sit in the sidelines and will Josie to be strong enough not to let Annie's attempts at controlling her ex-husband not have the huge effect on her relationship that one might expect. 

Truly, this had me hooked from start to finish. Frothy chick-lit, this is not, but compelling nonetheless. 


  1. This is such a good review Char. You write so well about it-one of your best I might say!

  2. I'm not sure I could read this, it sounds as though it has the potential to have me hurling it across a room. I can't bare how cruel people can be.