Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Yarn Along {7}

IMG_8617[1] IMG_8618[1] 

 This week, I'm pleased to announce that I've finally finished my Miette cardigan. Although I've got lots of other projects lined up which I'd like to tackle, I've spent the past few days knitting up my scraps of wool into various leaves, flowers and critters for the Woollen Woods event at Speke Hall later in the summer. So, I've been making leaves, roses and am having a go at a bluebird, although I'm not sure how well that one's going to turn out because I think the pattern calls for double-pointed needles and I don't have any.

What have you been making this week? I'm also currently between books, which is a strange feeling.

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  1. Congrats for a finished project

    1. Thanks - I must remember to take some photos of it!

  2. Well done. The bird looks like it'll be really cute. I really fancy taking up knitting again, but I'm doubtful my arms have the strength. Plus I can't comprehend instructions at all, so I need someone to show and tell me what to do. I just fancy sitting knitting something long (!) for the therapeutic side of it.