Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Yarn Along {8}


Another week, another knitting project to link me up with Ginny's Yarn Along series. I picked up this giant ball of Aran wool from Charlie's the other day, and it's to be the base colour for my moose vest - another Andi Sutterland pattern, found here

As you can see, I only cast this on on Saturday and have only done the first 20 rows so far, but I'm enjoying knitting a couple of rows before bed. I've almost mastered reading and knitting at the same time - until it gets to a complicated part in the pattern, that is. 

Reading-wise, one of the books I have on the go (there are always many), is Martini Henry - review to come next week but it's about finding where you are in life, which seemed apt after my little mini life freak-out yesterday. 


  1. That color is stunning! The book sounds like something I should read too. Enjoy!

  2. Ooh, my favourite colour!¬