Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Campfire's burning..

Dress: Emily + Fin 
Bag: Accessorize
Well, it's already Midweek (cue the Shuttleworth - twelve points to anyone who gets that reference!) and it's been a fairly good one so far. I'm falling behind in this week's allotment goals, and need to fit some baking in somewhere before a party at the weekend, but otherwise it's all going fine. 

I've been tidying more and more of the Wardrobe Room, which has meant I've come across more dresses I'd forgotten about -this stripey Emily and Fin one being one of those. Gifted to me by Roisin, yonks ago, it never fails to get me excited about summer, with it's bright deckchair stripes, so it seemed fitting to wear it on a sunny day. 

I also couldn't wait to wear my new collar, a birthday gift and made by Fairytale Collars, who I've mentioned before. Emma's designs are amazing. and I've a wishlist as long as my arm. I love them and frankly, this camping design is my favourite one, so my awesome friend (another) Emma, knows me well! 

Speaking of camp, I'm late to head over to Rangers to crack on with planning our next one. Laters!

Featherstone shoes: Irregular Choice
Collar: Fairytale Collars


  1. How cute is that collar! Fabulous outfit, as always. xx

    1. Thank you - I really love the collar and was so excited, I've been lusting after Emma's designs for so long.

  2. I love all of those style flats from IC. If I wore flats, I'd wear all of those, love the embroidery details and they usually use lovely fabric too. I loooove Fairytale Collars, haven't seen one I've disliked yet.

    1. They're quite solid flats if that makes sense - like loafers, so they need a bit of wearing in, but once you have done that they're grand.