Friday, 24 June 2016

Friday Favourites 201..

FF 201 Collage
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A rotten day to end a relatively rotten week, it seems. Can't wait for today to end so that I can head out for a run to clear my head. I've been thinking more and more about new running shoes this week as my current ones don't seem to be doing my feet any favours, so I'm definitely going to find some time over the weekend to pop into the running shop in town for a gait analysis (hark at me and my use of technical words - someone else told me about this, you understand!)

So anyway, this naturally got me thinking about the other things I'd like to replace and / or add to in my gym kit. I swear the washing machine is on constantly of late, trying to keep up.

001: My Nike leggings have certainly been the best of all of the pairs I've had, and I currently wear them at least twice / week, so I'm getting good use from them. I'm therefore fairly tempted to replace a couple of the pairs of cheaper leggings with this one, as I know they'll be decent quality and totally suited to gym workouts and running.

002: F+F have been another place I've been really pleased with the quality of their leggings and this pair ticks all of the boxes for me - affordable, full-length, decent fabric. I don't ask for much!

003: Ah, trainers. I'm waiting to see what the dreaded analysis says, but having asked on Twitter earlier, I was recommended these Asics running shoes by several different people, so I'm quite interested in these. Plus, I've always found to be a great place for sports wear.

004: I've been "running naked" for a good while now (apparently that's the term for those who don't track their running endeavours using a smart watch. Although it's not really a huge concern for me, I'm beginning to wonder if a Garmin would be a good addition to my gym kit. I've had a play with one belonging to a pal, and he's full of good things to say about it, so maybe. The good points as I understand it about this particular model is that I can also swim with it, so that would be good as none of the Fitbit models I've tried have been able to do that.

005: Speaking of swimming, I swear I get through swimming costumes like there's no tomorrow. I guess the pool at my gym is particularly chemically, or something, as they just seem to wear out. So, this Adidas one is currently top of my list - I'm kinda fussy about swimsuits: they need to have proper straps and support - one of the only things in my wardrobe where I actually consider function over fashion!

Anything caught your eye this week...?


  1. Can totally understand the swimming costume thing, I'd choose function over anything else too. If I swam (I'm chuckling at the thought)! As far as trainers go (totally not my area again), those look pretty cool. I like all the colours.

    1. Colourful trainers are definitely the way forward. I'm definitely going to try and sort out a trainers analysis this week.