Sunday, 26 June 2016

Sunday Shoes 111..

Minoa heels: Irregular Choice

I can tell you that I've been super excited about these particular shoes arriving with me, although at the same time I was for some reason convinced that there'd be some kind of problem and they'd sell out, or not arrive. I'm not sure why, but it did take me a few phone calls to the stores to establish that there just weren't any left in the UK, in blue, so I had to take my search a little further afield. 


In the end, I managed to find a pair in America on Tilted Sole. Delivery was great, although I'd panicked a little when I got an email to say there was a delay as they'd have to find stock in a store, but they arrived with me in a little over a week from the US. All good. 


I knew I wanted the blue colourway, which features the same metallic snakeskin effect leather on the uppers as my Can't Touch This heels. The fronts of these shoes feature a snake's head, complete with eyes and tongue, ready to pounce. 


Minoa are a comparable height to the majority of my Irregular Choice courts - with a regular round stiletto heel the same as recent styles like Smartie Pants, which makes them super comfortable in my opinion. A wonderful day to day shoe with a kind of understated design (well, for IC anyway). I really love them and am glad I didn't *quite* miss out!


  1. They are fabulous, the holographic material IC use is always even more stunning in the flesh (but usually pretty tricky to photograph, I find).

    1. I really love them; I've worn them so much already this week!