Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Tuesday Titles 097..

Martini Henry - Sara Crowe

Happily, I've been pleased with my reading pile of late. I'm not always finding that I have as much time to read at home as I'd like to, but the more running I've been doing at the gym, the more I've managed to get on with some books to keep working towards my reading goal for 2016. I don't seem to have picked up any duds in a while, either, which is great.

Martini Henry was thoroughly enjoyable once I got into it. I'd say it's one of those slow burners, but it's definitely worth persevering with.

Set in 1988, Sue Bowl is an aspiring writer and also our protagonist, and the book is told through her journal entries, which are eloquent and endearing. Immersed into Sue's world, we follow her through her writing course and also uncover snippets of information about her family history, which unravels as the book progresses.

Similar to Adrian Mole in it's style, I found this thoroughly enjoyable when I got into it, and it's the kind of book you can dip in and out of without losing the thread of the plot. Sue's safe little world is turned upside down at the arrival of a baby and the consequences of this are amusing.

Best enjoyed on a rainy afternoon with lots of cups of coffee, I found.

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