Friday, 1 July 2016

Friday Favourites 202..

FF202 Collage
001 // 002 // 003 // 004 // 005 // 006

I feel as though this week's wishlist couldn't really be anything but the Irregular Choice sale, which went live at midday. 
Now, obviously I had no idea which styles would make the cut and be reduced in the sale, and a few of the pairs at the top of my wishlist are still full price (always the way, no??) but I've gathered together my current favourite sale picks anyways.

001: I love the cheerful turquoise colour of these wedges, the spongy material of which remind me of a Red or Dead pair I had and loved when I was a teen and had just discovered the joys of TK Maxx.

002: Seriously beginning to get a little concerned about my newfound obsession with brogues, but these are just such a fab colour and would be great for the dodgy weather we get in autumn, winter, well, every season.

003: My IC bag collection is lacking in a lot of the recent styles and I love this Pineapple Dreams one - the perfect size for toting around my day-to-day essentials and I love the glittery pineapples.

004: I know I've raved about these pom pom pretties in the past but I still love them - they'd be perfect to brighten up my beach outfits when I go on holiday.

005: Another bag I'd love to give a home to - donuts and tassels, oh my!

006: Sassle are one of the pairs on the top of my wishlist, so I was pleased to see these in the sale. Love the dainty laser-cut details to the uppers. And of course the huge bow on the front. 

What's topping your wishlist from the IC sale?

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