Thursday, 7 July 2016

Things which make me happy..


Everything has been super recently Like, very much so. But every now and then I need to remember that it's okay to take some time out. I've been overdoing things (when do I not?!) to the point where my lovely Mr basically refused to let me go anywhere other than home on Tuesday evening as it was clear that I needed to recharge. He's a wise one.

With this in mind I'm taking a few minutes to reflect on and share some of the things which have made me super happy in the past few days.

  • Catching up with friends - I spent a day in Leamington with Roisin and Sarah on Sunday and it was grand to catch up, mooch around the shops and enjoy the sunshine in the park, (and the super wallpaper above). 
  • Knitting - I've been doing a lot of it lately; I've a couple of projects on the go as my current jumper is not really easily transportable due to having several colours on the go. It was lovely to sit in a coffee shop on Saturday morning and do some more rows whilst I waited for my train. And on my train(s). And on the way home, even if I did have to check my knitting needles into reception at Wembley Arena during the gig!
  • Coffee - never fails to put a smile on my face,
  • Sending happy mail. I've been a little slack but have sent a couple more letters off this week - gradually playing catch up. 
  • I have a fancy new letter rack to keep track of the post I need to reply to. 


  • New music - I got an Amazon voucher as a reward for something this week and spent it on a few new albums. 
  • Playing fires with the Rangers - we cooked hot dogs, s'mores and bananas using our new fire pit.
  • The amazing friends who built me the fire pit after I showed them a photo of what I wanted the night before. 


  • Spending more time at the allotment. It's still a bit unruly, but I'm enjoying it more this year.
  • Fresh rhubarb - I roasted a crop of this the other day and used some for cakes and crumbles, all of which have been distributed and well-received by friends and family so far
  • My cute new cake knife - perfect for cutting into my latest creation.
  • Curling up on the sofa with a good book and a cup of coffee.
  • Running - although I'm still not a convert, I've been doing a lot more as a friend has been training for a 10k, so I've been keeping him company on his training runs.
  • Watching my way through American Horror Story when I can't sleep


What's been making you smile lately? 


  1. coffee always puts a smile on my face as well...and I love catching up with friends.

    1. It's so nice to just have a relax and a catch up.

  2. Lots of good things here. Glad someone is taking you in hand re overdoing it! You're such a creative and disciplined person.

    My darling year 6's who are so musical and dedicated made me happy. CBC cooked a delicious dinner last night, totally vegan and totally fab! Had a nice letter from an IG friend, lots of happiness!!!Xx

    1. Yes, I really should listen to him more often.

  3. That fire pit is so clever, i'm going to show my Hubby and see if he can make one for me. Keep smiling!

    1. Apparently it was very easy to make, as well!

  4. The lovely sunshine today (finally!) has made me very happy, especially the chance to tidy up the garden a bit, as did a fabulous trip to Nottingham yesterday with Thomas. Pizza and Ghostbusters and cider? Yes please!