Friday, 5 August 2016

Friday Favourites 207..

FF 207 Image
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This week's list of pretties includes some of my favourite brands; the ones I keep coming back to time after time.

001: I've been a fairly loyal fan of Irregular Choice for a good number of years now. Although there have been occasions where I've been disappointed by them, they do seem to be coming up with some lovely new designs (I have one to share with you on Sunday) and these are a new style which I'm very taken with. A little more monochrome than the kind of thing I'd usually go for, but I love that despite the muted colour palette, there's oodles of detail here, with the bow, glitter and scalloped edging. 

002: Vendula London come up with some frankly amazing handbag designs. I have several now, and would be more than happy to grow my collection. I really love the black and white awning on the florist box bag, which contrasts so nicely against the brightly coloured flowers. 

003: ASOS have been coming out with some cute little accessories of late - I didn't notice these little pom pom creature keyrings until the flamingo had sold out, but I love this cheeky monkey - he'd be a cute addition to just about any handbag. 

004: This collar choker necklace from Kate Spade is hinged at the back, which I think makes it look so dainty and classic, and just a little out of the ordinary. So beautiful, although so pricey. 

005: I'd love a pair of the wonderful Hetty and Dave dinosaur shoes - they're sold out at the moment but I'm perpetually crossing my fingers that they will be restocked some day. 

Anything caught your eye this week?


  1. I *almost* bought those dinosaur shoes but didn't in the end. My husband is hopefully buying me the fox ones for Christmas, I sent him the link but whether he will remember OR they will have the size 8s left is questionable! I almost ordered them with my fox collar but then figured I should wait for Christmas!!

    1. I wish I'd bought the dinosaur shoes - they're sold out now :(

  2. Those dinosaur shoes are amazing! xx

  3. how cute is that swan heel shape! amazing heels, I absolutely love them.

  4. My sister has that keyring, well actually 2. It sold out and they randomly had one back in stock, so i got her it, then another random one appeared and she felt sorry for it, so bought that too. It turns out they are different, one looks more crazy like it's dancing, so she loves that! I have the unicorn and flamingo ones too (flamingo much softer than the uni). I'm currently talking myself out of the SkinnyDip flamingo one ; ) Vendula bags are just SO gorgeous, I don't have any yet, really need to get one some day.

    1. I waited for the monkey to go into the sale and then....promptly missed him.