Wednesday, 3 August 2016

My Collectif Sale Buys..


I'm a big fan of Collectif - they have some really beautfiul designs and I'm lucky enough to already own a few of their dresses (including this one which I wore to Rosie's wedding). They feature quite often in my wishlists and I've recently added the mermaid dress and flamingo cardigan to my wardrobes. 

Last week they began their summer sale, where you can get 50% off just about everything on their site, using the code SUMMERSALE50. You'll have to be quick, as it ends at midnight tonight. 

Collectif 2 Collage
Janie Paint Pot Print Dress // Flora Daisy Cardigan // Lucy Mermaid Cardigan
Collectif 1 Collage
Faye Mesh Overlay Doll Dress

My order turned up on Monday and I couldn't wait to share it. I've been very tempted by both of these dresses for a while now - the Faye dress in particular has featured on my wishlist for so long and I have the perfect occasion to wear it coming up in September, so at £30 with the summer sale discount I decided it was totally worth buying. I'm so glad I did; I hadn't realised just what lovely quality it would be, but there are so many layers of tulle petticoat and the detailing at the back of the neck is just so dainty that I really love it. The perfect party dress and an absolute steal at it's current price.

The Janie dress is one which I've been super tempted by as well - the appeal of this one is mostly the super full circle skirt with the double straps which have bows at the shoulders. This one was £21 in the sale which makes it much cheaper than I could buy the fabric for to make anything remotely similar. Again, the quality of this one is really great, the fabric is nice and thick and the length is just where I like it to be on me with a pair of heels. 

The fact that I've worn my flamingo Lucy cardigan *so* much since I bought it really swung it for me to order the mermaid Lucy which matches my dress. I love the fact that as well as the little mermaid on the front, there's an embroidered seashell on one elbow. This one was a no-brainer, whereas the Flora cardigan had me deliberating for a little while, as I'm not usually a fan of short sleeves on knitwear. I decided to give it a try anyway and pair it with one of my dresses and the verdict is that I'm pleased that I added it to my order. 

Have you ordered anything from the Collectif sale? If you're considering it, you've got about twelve hours to go! 


  1. I was seriously tempted-I wanted the lobster cardie and there was a dress I was tempted by, but in the end, I looked at the mass of clothes in my house, and the fact I'd bought quite a few thing this month and just resisted but wish I hadn't!x

    1. I'm even more tempted now that they're reduced even further!

  2. Ooh, great haul. I especially love the cardigans. I would so be abusing their sale if I wasn't skint right now. xx

    1. They have a beautiful new flamingo dress as well.