Sunday, 28 August 2016

My souvenirs from America..

Although I still have lots to share following my trip to the States, the one thing I keep getting asked about is what I bought. Although the itinerary was quite full, and we had so much to see and do every day, we did manage to fit in a little shopping. 

All of the tourist attractions we hit up had gift shops (of course!) so we'd peruse all of those as we left. I bought a badge for my camp blanket from just about every place we visited. And here's what else...


I hadn't really planned to buy anything in particular. I knew there'd be no opportunity to hunt down a Kate Spade store, so I was pretty much content with just seeing what caught my eye. I spotted this orange t-shirt when we were at the Capitol in Washington and decided I's like to add it to my gym gear. (Which is definitely in need of a serious overhaul). 

I then stuck with the trend and bought myself a t-shirt from the CN Tower gift shop, and one from the NYC souvenir shop on the night before we came home. I also bought a Toronto Blue Jays tee from the merch stand at the baseball game I went to. So, four (!) t-shirts. Which for a girl who only really wears t-shirts to the gym, should be me set for life!


We managed an hour in Macy's on the Sunday we were in New York and I wasn't wildly impressed with it, if I'm honest. There are probably other, nicer department stores over there but Macy's was the one the girls requested, so that's where we went. And I totally expected to leave without purchasing anything, until right before we were due to meet them all and we found the cutest selection of Marc Tetro bags. I bought myself a shopper bag and matching wallet. The bag kind of became my travel bag, and was super useful for the coach journeys on the trip, and I used it for my hand luggage on the way home. So much space! 


Finally, I bought myself a little silver moose charm, to go onto my charm bracelet. I don't wear my bracelet that often and to be honest, it's been a long time since I added anything new to it, but it was a present for my 14th birthday (we all got one when we were 14, same as my mum and aunt had when at their 14th birthdays) and I love it. The moose came from a gift shop at Niagra Falls. 

So, that's about it - a lot less than I'd expected to come home with, although we were quite short on space with just one rucksack each, I suppose. And we had very limited shopping time, really. It wasn't really that kind of trip, though. 


  1. The dachshund bag and purse are so cute! I wasn't impressed by Macy's either. Everybody raves about it, but it was so run-down, and just looked like a bad BHS. I really don't get the hype. Bloomingdales, on the other hand, was amazing. xx

    1. YES, I'm so glad someone else was a little underwhelmed by it. It's a shame we didn't have time to try Bloomingdale's as well but never mind. Perhaps I'll go again one day.

  2. love the simplicity of the New York City t shirt, that's definitely something I'd bring home with me (if I ever go back!)