Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My Turia Dungarees..

One of the patterns I've had on my radar for a while now has been these Turia dungarees, by Pauline Alice. I'm a big fan of dungarees - they hold a bit of a nostalgic charm for me, but the disproportionate shape of which I recently spoke makes it a little more tricky to find a pair which fit me all over. 

So, a pair of dunagrees was one of the things I put on my #2016makenine list of goals. I feel I ought to point out that this is not the fabric I meant when I said I already have fabric for these - I've got some pink cord, which is much thicker than this, which I'm going o make another pair from but for NYC in August, I decided that I would be better off with something a little thinner. Also our t-shirts are pink and blue, so I reckoned that the print on these would go with either one of those. 

So, I traced out the pattern pieces, which I tend to do with all new patterns these days, just in case I need to make some alterations - I don't feel so bad about hacking apart a traced piece. The pattern instructions are really great and the construction was very straightforward/ 

Also, I learned a new technique, which I will definitely be using again in the future - I'd never done a flat fell seam before, but they're so neat and they give such a lovely finished look. 

In terms of silly mistakes - I hadn't looked properly at the buckles I'd ordered, which I now know don't come with buttons. Cue a little sigh of sadness when I realised this, and a last-miute, before the trip panic that I'd need to go and buy some. Not too tricky though - good old Dunelm!


  1. Eeeeeep! These look bloody fantastic! Hope you love wearing your Turias - I wear mine almost weekly!

    1. Thank you - I wore them sooooo much in America!