Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sunday Shoes 118..


It's not all about the new shoes, y'know. Sometimes I'm just as happy picking up a bargain. These Irregular Choice kitten heels aren't a style I've ever seen before but they were in my size and look to be in super condition; possibly worn just once or twice. 

I do tend to shy away from kitten heels and from pointed fronts but I made an exception on both of these points because the quirky shape and angle of the heel appealed to me, as did the bow on the front (I'm a sucker for a bow!).

The majority of the shoe is a floral patent finish, although the striped edging is fabric and the insides are the metallic pale mint lining, which seems to be a good few years ago now. They came in their original box (a robot print one) with a style code rather than a name and I'm fairly sure that a lot of the styles at that time didn't have names as such. Hey ho. They're lovely, nonetheless. 



  1. They're cute!!!
    Hello my lovely!
    I am so sorry I have not been around recently. I've actually been on a cruise for almost 2 weeks and before I was in France for a week! I do apologise for the lack of blog presence and comments. I do hope you are well!

    1. No problem, I hope you've had some lovely holiday times!

  2. These are lovely. Where did you pick them up from?