Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Tuesday Titles 102..

All Things Cease to Appear : Elizabeth Brundage 

Oof, where to start with this week's book. I guess I should just throw us straight in, since that's what the book does.

We begin, as George Clare arrives home to find his wife has been killed, leaving their infant daughter unattended in the house for goodness knows how long. Immediately, the police consider George a suspect as he tries hard to figure out the reason for his wife's murder.

Jumping back into the past, a little, we are introduced to the previous residents of the Clares' farmhouse; could these brothers, bitter from the loss of their home due to foreclosure, be involved in some way. They still have a strong connection with their childhood home.

What this book really isn't, is fast-paced. It's slow going, to the point where it could be off-puttingly difficult to get into. Another thing which irritates me in books is the lack of quotations to mark characters' speech. It becomes increasingly tough to establish just when people are interacting, but I tried hard to stick with it nonetheless.

I'd definitely advise readers to stick with this as although it perhaps doesn't fall into the regular thriller category, I'd put it more into psychological thriller, I guess. The ending wrapped things up in a satisfying way, and the majority of the book kept me guessing.