Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sunday Shoes 120: Lindy Bop Rita


Something bright and sparkly for a Sunday morning. I have to admit, I'd not even been looking for shoes when I noticed these. There are approximately eleventy billion dresses I'm waiting to be released, so the New Arrivals page on the Lindy Bop site has been one of my most-frequently visited sites, of late.

Rita Peep Toe Heels: Lindy Bop

Anyway, as soon as I spied these shoes, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist them. I've got to go to a work function soon which is going to be a proper ball, so I'm planning to wear these for dancing the night away. (I've only agreed to go on the basis that there'll be dancing!) 


The Rita heels are quite low, by most people's standards, yet they retain the perfect proportions of a lovely 50s shape shoe. Plus, of course, bows on the front and all-over glitter! They're insanely comfortable and I'm currently wondering why I didn't go for the other colours as well. The glitter seems quite stay-fast, which is always a concern with glittery shoes, but I don't envisage any problems here. 


  1. They're very pretty! I like some of Lindybop's new shoes but I am always so awkward with size 8's I am reluctant to order online shoes as inevitably, they don't fit properly, esp if 41's, not 42's!!! x