Friday, 7 October 2016

Friday Favourites 216..

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Happy Friday - I'm glad it's the end of the week as I'm currently in the midst of some kind of sickness bug, which is pretty rotten. I can't stop shivering. Bleugh. Here's hoping it doesn't last very long. 

Anyhow, this week's wishlist has me thinking of cosmic getaways, which would be pretty great. 

001: This EE necklace is just lovely with the spaceman and rocket. 

002: Have you seen the amazing cats in space print on this Miss Patina dress?! Apparently it was inspired by David Bowie and I can totally see that. 

003: Cats in space, again. This time from the new collection at Tatty Devine. 

004: I love a set of collar clips, and these planets are by Mica Peet.

005: Brantano seems to have a lovely selection of ankle boots at the moment - these croc print ones would be perfect to take one small step for mankind, no?

006: Another pair of boots - more Ziggy Stardust that Tim Peake, perhaps. But so much glitter! 

What are you wishing for this week? My number one wish has to be to stop being so sick.


  1. that blue dress stole my heart<3

  2. Ah I'm sorry to hear you are in the midst of a sickness bug! They are the worst!

    I feel like cats in space anything is a good idea (I'm currently unable to move because two of my cats are asleep on my lap, cat lady problems)

    Charlotte |

    1. It really took it out of me. I love the space cat brooch.

  3. Yes, I've ummed and ahhed over that Ziggy cat dress although I like the ruffled neck shirt more but I need no more cat collared shirts!! I do love Eclectic Eccentrities, such beautiful pieces. I regret not investing in their last sale.x

    1. I kind of think the same thing. I wonder if I do need another cat collar in my life - probably not - but the print is so amazing.

  4. Argh that Miss Patina dress is so freaking pretty. I really wish I fitted their stuff. While those IC boots aren't my style at all, they look so cool in real life. I saw a video of the sequins bit at the back and they shimmer and shine so beautifully.

    1. They aren't exactly my usual cup of tea, but they're rather awesome.