Friday, 21 October 2016

Friday Favourites 218..

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I think it's almost officially Autumn, which is the time when the nights start getting colder and I consider shutting the windows a little at night. I mean, I'm not thinking about putting the heating on or anything *that* crazy (hasn't ever happened in all the time I've lived there), but for me, closing the window, even a little, is a big deal.

So I'm seeing all of the cutesy knitted accessories everywhere and getting excited about the prospect of coats and layers and everything. Here's my pick of the autumn accessories which have caught my eye this week:

001: Joanie Clothing are fast becoming one of my new favourite websites and they've had another bundle of loveliness arrive this week. One of the things I'm loving is this fox scarf. So cute! 

002: The George pub is a classic Vendula design, but the colours are perfect for the leafy tones of autumn - I'd love to add it to my fast-growing collection. 

003: Little Moose have some wonderful new bits in their new collection - I'd love these little girl earrings to finish off just about any autumnal outfit.

004: Lindy Bop have been getting more and more new items (although not the four I'm holding out for, just yet) and this masquerade print skirt is superb - I figure it's rather versatile as it would be a classy solution for a Halloween costume party, but is also understated enough that you could wear it anytime...

005: Oh, autumn always has me thinking about ankle boots, as I *always* feel as though I need to make sure I've got something suitably transitional. I wasn't sure about the returning embroidered boots trend. That is, until I saw this Miss Selfridge pair and now I've decided that I need some in my life. 

What are your Autumn essentials?


  1. Oh, that fox scarf is adorable! Still loving the masquerade skirt, too. It's dreamy. xx

  2. Oh no, our heating is on, definitely! Yeah that Vendula bag is a little less glitzy colour-wise than the usual, but I really like it. It genuinely looks like a pub! I styled those boots on TSGSI a while ago because I fell for them too.

    1. They're not something I expected to be so drawn to, but I really am!