Friday, 28 October 2016

Friday Favourites 219..

FF219 Image
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Another themed wishlist this week because it seems that lately, everywhere you look there are book prints and frankly, I approve. So, my favourite book-themed items.

001: This Lindy Bop dress sold it in next to no time, but we're being assured it will be back very soon, so keep checking!

002: What better print for a Kindle cover?!

003: Punky Pins have it right - I can't think of an occasion where the book wasn't better. 

004: I love Jelly Button Jewellery's new range of enamel pins and this one, which reads Drink Tea and Read Books would be perfect for so many people I know. I'm holding out for the coffee version, which is currently only available for pre-order, though. 

005: I know I've mentioned this awesome book bag from Yoshi in the past, but it's back in stock and worth mentioning again. 

006: Another gem from Joanie - this book print is the best one I've seen, and comes in a dress version too. 

007: Cath Kidston's book print is still going strong - available in other dresses and skirts, too. 

Celebrated your inner bookworm, lately? 


  1. I adore this set of items! Anything bookprint gets my vote!

    1. I'm quite enjoying theming my wishlist picks!

  2. This is extremely relevant to my interests! I love the Joanie skirt, almost more than the Cath Kidston one.

    1. I've got to admit, it's probably nicer quality!

  3. I love all these things, especially the bag. I know what I'm asking for for christmas now!

    1. Yoshi bags are lovely - I've just ordered one for my mum for Xmas.