Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sunday Shoes 122: Irregular Choice Mal E Bow

Irregular Choice: Mal E Bow
Oh, it feels like such a long while since I last posted about some new shoes. And yet, it really wasn't very long at all!

But my latest shoe purchase arrived this week from Spartoo, and I couldn't wait to unwrap them. Strangely, although they're a style which seem to have been around for years now, they are a pair which I've never before added to my collection. There have been lace versions of these, in all kinds of colours, but these black floral print ones really stole my heart. 


Mal E Bow are a classic shape, which I'm a fan of - the basic Irregular Choice stiletto heel seems to be a great shape and fit on me, which is always good. These are floral print velvet, which I'd not realised until they arrived - I was expecting the leather we've been seeing in similar styles of late.

On the front of the shoe is a lovely big bow, in crackled metallic leather, which is something of a trademark IC touch. I have pairs from years ago which feature this kind of metallic leather; it always reminds me of the original swan courtesans.


They're perfectly true to fit and I was happy I'd ordered my regular size in these. As I mentioned, I do find this shape and style so incredibly comfortable, so I'm rather pleased to have another pair in my collection and I feel as though the monochrome print on these will make them something of a staple. What do you think?



  1. They are very nice and a versatile shade!

    1. I do feel as though these will be good with just about anything.

  2. They are fabby. I have...4 pairs of Mal E Bows now. I still have so much love for the original sheer lace, but the sparkling lace ones I got in the sale over summera are great too.

    1. I think that whenever the lace ones have been released, there's always been something else I've preferred. I'm very happy with these, though.