Saturday, 15 October 2016

Thoughts I have when I'm running..


If I'm entirely honest, I never expected my Saturday mornings to consist of donning my leggings and my new trainers and heading to the local park to join the Parkrun

When I was a kid, I took part in a couple of "cross country" races and although I plodded my way through them, I was never very good. I never took it any further and remember one utterly mortifying sports day when I was nominated for the long distance race (I think it was only a few laps around the track on the field) and being only halfway round when all of the other houses had finished. 

I spend more time at the gym than is probably wise and yes, sometimes I use the treadmill I hate it. I find that the only way I can really run on it for very long while is to set up my Kindle and rest it in front of the screen so I can't see how fast etc I'm going. 

Sometimes I'll go for a run in the morning, if I'm away for the weekend or can't get to the gym for some reason. However, despite all of the above, I would not say that I'm motivated in any way towards running. I don't enjoy it, I never look forward to it? I'm yet to be bitten by the bug which a lot of my friends seem to have experienced, that's for sure. 

My typical thoughts when I'm out for a run go something like this:

  • The sooner I get round here, the sooner I can go home and have a coffee. 
  • I wonder if my trainers are too small. [They're not.]
  • Look at all of these people who have *proper* running t-shirts. They've done races. Wow. I'll never be one of those.
  • This hill is always steeper than I expect. 
  • I need to finish this without stopping. As long as I keep going, I don't mind about my time.
  • I wonder what my time is, though. 
  • Maybe I should get some kind of running tracker. Or bring my phone with me so I can run the Strava app. [I never do.]
  • Look, kids are running this. (Parkrun.) And they're faster than me. And they're not stopping. If they can do it, I've no excuse.
  • Oh shit, is that someone I know?! Please don't talk to me.
  • Maybe I should have warmed up more. 
  • Oh man, a dog. I am so scared of dogs. Don't go near the dog.
  • Steep downhill. I wonder if the grip on my soles works better on the path or the grass.
  • Can I go home yet? 
  • Maybe I should just walk for a bit. 
  • I bet I'm heaps slower than I was last time/ yesterday/ last week. 
  • I should visit the park more often. It's pretty.
  • Imagine running a marathon. Or even 10K. I think I'd die.
  • I hate this. 
  • What am I doing? 
  • I'm never going to be skinny. 
  • Thirsty. Maybe I should have brought some water. 
  • But then I'd need the bathroom. 
  • I really need to replace the Velcro on this iPod armband.
  • Is it going to rain? 
  • I wish I had one of those jackets which runners wear. But I'd be too hot in it. Where would I leave it? Is that why people have rucksacks?
  • God, not even on the home straight yet. 
  • I hate running. 
  • I'll never be a runner.
  • Why do I do this? If my Parkrun time is rubbish, it'll ruin my whole day.
  • I wonder how people learn to pace themselves. 
  • Ugh, can't wait to get home. 
As you can see, I'll never be a runner. Man, I hate it. 


  1. When I started running I felt exactly the same for all of every run, and even now for the first 3k I still do, I call it my negotiation phase where I'm still talking myself into doing it! But if you're running, you're a runner, that's the only qualifying factor!
    I know this won't work all the time, but I've found thinking determined and proud things like 'I'm so powerful, I'm a machine taking on this hill, Nothing can hold back my will, I can do anything' regardless of how slow I am (I can't do speed at ALL) really makes me feel like I'm a badass bitch taking on a challenge, rather than being subject to the process... Buuut I do feel that sometimes anyway!

    1. I don't ever think things about being powerful. I suppose when I say I'm not a runner, I mean I'm not one of those people who is super enthusiastic about it.

  2. These are the thoughts I would have too! I HATE runnning!!! My sister has become one of those running-obsessed people and I DON'T GET IT!!

  3. So many thoughts.
    I love running right up until the point that I start to feel tired (which is after about 30 seconds) and then it just becomes a slog. I'd love to love it, look forward to it, enjoy it. But I'm not a runner either.

    1. I just find it dreadfully dull and unenjoyable.

  4. This is exactly me! I'm really trying to get into running, and earlier this year, I got up to 10k, but still never enjoyed it. The whole time I think about stopping and just walking home, and how much I hate it. I had got into a weekly habit then stopped for a while, now I can't get past 5k. Yesterday morning, I ran 1k, got a stitch and gave up. I try really hard to get into a better mindset, but I just don't think it's for me, but I'm also determined to not fully give up, grr, so annoying!!