Wednesday, 12 October 2016

When the grass is jewelled..

Coat + Tights: ASOS
Dress: Handmade w/ Cotton and Steel fabric
Hamble Oak Brogues: Clarks 
Bag: Vendula London*
I feel as though finally, the seasons have turned and Autumn is here. For me, this means tights and brogues and coats, for rainy errand-running in town. Don't get me wrong, I love summer, but there's something kinda awesome about layers.

I couldn't resist adding these sparkly tights to my ASOS basket when I ordered this coat, although I wasn't really impressed with them. By the end of this one wear they'd laddered really badly on the heel and I ended up chucking them out, which is annoying. I don't usually have problems with ASOS hosiery and really liked them with these brogues.

I couldn't decide whether I loved this coat or not when it arrived. I fell for the lovely textured jacquard online, but hadn't realised quite how thin (and therefore really, for a coat, ineffectual) it is. More of a lightweight coat really, which wouldn't be so weird were it not for the big furry collar. 
After a little umming and ahhing, I decided that I still do like it enough to keep it, and it's pretty good for those funny autumnal days where it starts off chilly and brightens up.

My new piano bar bag has been my go-to, since the moment it arrived and it's the perfect size for carrying all of my essentials. I love that you can add the cross-body strap when you want to use it more as a satchel, as I did here. But that you have the option to use it as just a hand-held bag for more formal occasions (which I did with the theatre, the following night). 

Are you pleased about the change of season? I'm enjoying the cold nights.


  1. My bungalow bedroom is really cold at night so I didn't really suffer from a hot room in the Summer but now it is cooler, my bedroom is like an ice box!!!Xx

    1. I sleep with the windows open all year round, but still get so hot in the summer. I love it when there's cold air outside of the duvet.

  2. I miss the summer, I always do. I am glad that autumn is properly here, the in between season stage is always annoying, I seem to be too hot or too cold.
    Just reading your comments with Kezzie - I hate cold air outside the duvet, when you get up it's so cold. Andy and I have constant battles over the thermostat! It's not that I want it to be hot, but just warm enough.