Wednesday, 2 November 2016

And I spin for you like your favorite records used to..

Planet Bag: Gamiss  // Cardigan: F+F
Oh hai, November. I do wish the year would slow down a little. I'm super happy this week and full of enthusiasm for new things. I've also got my favourite person back, so all is cool. I've made a start on this year's #nanowrimo attempt, although I'm not holding out much hope as I've never finished it before. I'm partaking in the #bpsewvember on Instagram, which I'm hoping will kick-start some sewing, although that will have to be during the week as I don't have a November weekend at home - argh! 

I've also got quite a bit more swimming to do for this year's Aspire Channel Swim, but I'm plodding along and have a few weeks to go yet. And, just in case I didn't have enough challenges to keep me occupied, I've started my own - Novelty Bag November will see me wearing my way through my collection of cute, otherwise forgotten handbags. I've done a hashtag and everything. 

Coat: Boden // Shoes: Irregular Choice
As for today's outfit, I was feeling like some colour. This coat was one I'd been hoping to nab from Boden at some point, but it actually was a £10 eBay win last week - not that I needed another coat to add to the apparent Coat Avalanche, but there you go. I liked the fact that it all kind of worked, and yet all kind of didn't at the same time. Plants, rockets, Rock 'n' Roll heels and unicorns. With some florals, of course. 

Happy Wednesday, even this week is zipping by - I'm off to spend an evening playing with sparklers and toasting marshmallows over the bonfire.

Dress: Lindy Bop


  1. Really sweet bag! I do like that Lindybop dress. I was so tempted by so many of their new prints but I used the fact that they are not cotton as a way to stop me buying them. Still I've ooohed over them several times and put into my online basket!!!x

  2. Love the outfit, love the idea of Novelty Bag November (and the bag you're using), and I love the blog title- one of my fave FOB songs from AB/AS! xx

    1. I'm having a renaissance of that album, I think!

  3. Another accessory challenge - yay! I enjoyed your irregular choice one. Speaking of which - these shoes look intriguing. In my mind they're covered in Minions.
    And coat - hello gorgeous!