Friday, 18 November 2016

Friday Favourites 222..

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It's rare that an entire wishlist comes from the same place but Yoshi Bags have just released their new collection and frankly I just couldn't pick one favourite, as all of their new styles are just amazing. 

I only discovered the brand earlier this year, but I've bought several people's Christmas presents from them already and I'm trying to justify buying myself at least one bag, too..

Here are some of my favourites: 

001: This is my favourite of the new collection. The between the trees design gives it a slightly eerie, slightly Where the Wild Things Are feel, I think, and I love that. I also don't own a lot of brown, but I'd be on board with it if it had this cute design on the front!

002: I love that the handle of this bag is the cat's tail - such a cute design.

003: This little owl would brighten up any set of keys. I love the mix of blues and greens.

004: Matching owl iPad case would make the perfect Christmas gift - there's a whole wonderful range of owls (I've bought my mum one of the handbags as she's a big owl fan!).

005: This whole range is just so wonderfully festive - the warm shop-front windows and snowy scene makes me feel all warm and glowy inside. 

006: Who doesn't love biscuits?! This bag is just awesome and I'm so glad that they've included pink wafers, which used to be my favourite as a kid.

007: This design is pretty quirky as it shows a lot of the past season Yoshi designs, in a gallery style showcase. I really like this idea, although it makes me a little sad that I've apparently missed out on so many gems. 

Which is your favourite? Are you (like me) hoping for some Yoshi magic under your Christmas tree?

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