Wednesday, 23 November 2016

You made me feel as though I was enough..

Dress: Collectif // Cardigan: H+M
Bag: LYDC // Shoes: Irregular Choice

I feel as though there's nothing particularly new or exciting about this outfit, but I still love this dress and I don't seem to have taken any new outfit photos in a while, so here we are. Absolutely loving my #novbagnov challenge for encouraging me to use more of my collection, although I fear I'm nearing the end of the month and have so many bags I still need to use. I'm rather failing on keeping up with some of my other challenges, though. November was always going to be a busy one, but I've not managed to write my way past 5000 works on my "novel" for Nanowrimo, so I'll perhaps try that one again next year. 

I've also been quite lax with my #BPSewvember photo challenge. I haven't had very much time to sew lately, although this week I'm feeling more inspired to, after spending a day with Sarah learning the ways of the Lady Skater dress (more on that later) and sorting through some of my fabric stash in order to send out some fabric parcels this week for people wanting scraps for quilts etc (there have been a few request hashtags over on Instagram of late). 

Anyhow, this week is flying by, quicker than usual. Which always seems to be the way when I have heaps to do and not enough time. I have some lovely things planned, though, so all is good. 


  1. Beautiful outfit! I love everything about it, and you look amazing in it! :) xx