Wednesday, 14 December 2016

As we dream by the fire..

Hygge. Whatever our thoughts on it, we've all heard about how it's this year's thing. Even my Nan mentioned it to me the other day, so it must be well and truly here, no? 


I know that when I first posted about it, I was a little skeptical about the whole hygge phenomenon, but I suppose that taking more time out for rest and relaxation can't be a bad thing, whatever we call it. I know that the marketing peeps have had a field day with this; trying to sell everyone cosy wonderful things to make their homes more welcoming, but for me, cosiness is a warm and welcoming place to kick back at the end of the day. 


I'm a big fan of candles - scented ones are my favourite and one of the best I've found recently has been this Ilume Grapefruit Oleander candle* from Rooi, who have a website full of awesome homeware ideas. I love the smell of grapefuit and the scent of this candle is really strong - perfect for creating a fruity living room ambience. It also seems as though it's going to last for a long while, as I've been burning it for the past couple of evenings now and it's barely made a dent in it. 


I've embraced spending more time outside lately - outdoors is good, particularly when it's crisp and cold out. As well as running in the mornings, I've been enjoying long woodland walks - and a chance to break in my lovely new wellies. We spied this holly wreath on a tree on a recent walk through some local woodland. Random, no? 


Cosy evenings in front of the fire have given me chance to crack on with my current knitting project, which is the Andi Satterlund Hetty cardigan. I'm making slow progress, but adding more rows than I'm having to take out, which is always a good thing. Knitting in front of the fire and some drossy TV seems very hygge


How are you making your winter cosy?


  1. Is that your living room? What a fireplace! Even though I rolled my eyes at the whole hygge thing to begin with, I actually quite like the concept now - it gives a name and therefore an intent to something I've been trying to achieve for the past few winters, namely quiet time at home, the luxury of a good blanket and a wood fire and a nice candle, settling down with a book and turning my phone off... to use another trendy term, having a name for it has made me more mindful of when I do those things.

    1. Can't lay claim to the fireplace, sadly.

  2. I'm not particularly Hyggish but I DO like my furry things in the Winter- my sheepskin slippers, cashmere scarf, cosy bed blanket, hats...x