Friday, 2 December 2016

Friday Favourites 223..

FF223 Image
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A handful of lovely independent companies have caught my eye this week and I'm all for championing smaller businesses, so  I thought I'd pick out some lovely present ideas...

001: Perfect for any seamstress, these cute doughnut pattern weights are all handmade and would be ideal for cutting out your next project.

002: I love retro style lingerie and the pieces from My Retro Closet are no exception. The Jayne ruffle set is currently on sale - now all I have to do is decide on my favourite colour...!

003: Fairytale Collars also sell a few amazing pins and this little Loch Ness Monster is probably my favourite pin design for a long while. 

004: I still absolutely love my sewing themed mug from Teaplease, and there are so many customisable designs to choose from that you're sure to find something which suits even the most tricky person to buy for...

005: Another local maker, The Whistling Cowgirl never fails to come up with some cute and lovely designs - this toadstool cushion would cheer up any comfy sofa.

006: I only recently discovered Oscar and Clarke, but I love the idea of recycled bottles being used to hold candles - these champagne ones are my favourite.

Have you seen any amazing gift ideas?


  1. The Nessie pin truly is adorable!!! I'm v glad I got it on offer during Black Friday as I really liked it!
    The toadstool pillows are really sweet. I'm not allowed to buy mugs as CBC thinks we have too many and some I was given for Christmas last year weren't allowed into the cupboard!

    1. I haven't worn my Nessie yet - I really need to.

  2. I like the candles holders, I know a few people that would like them - me included. All my shopping is done. I have to stop now, no looking allowed in case temptation gets the better of me!