Friday, 16 December 2016

Friday Favourites 225..

FF 225 Image
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How can another week have possible zoomed by so quickly?! I feel because I've spent too much of it sleeping - slept my way through two alarms this week, which really isn't good. Anyhow, it's creeping ever closer to the day itself and here are a couple of things I'd be thrilled skinny (that's a phrase which always makes me think of my nan and her Northern roots) to find under the Christmas tree. (Not that I have a Christmas tree, but that's another story). 

001: Another amazing Lindy Bop print. I'm definitely going to make a skiing trip one of my goals for next year and I love this ski print dress. Cute, no?

002: Joanie Clothing have already come out with some lovely bag designs (remember my present bag?!) and this pearl clutch is no exception - perfect to finish off any outfit, IMO). 

003: These knights are possibly one of the best necklaces I can remember seeing for a long time. I love the colours, and the fact that it's a huge eye-catching piece. I love it. 

004: I know that these are found in the men's section of the ASOS site, but I'd be happy with them. 

What's on your festive wishlist?


  1. I love Laviriola (can't spell it). Their things are so fun!!x

  2. This year is just flying by, and it's scary! The print on that dress is so cute, I love it and the socks are brilliant - sometimes it's fun to venture into the men's area as they have some nice things there! Hope you're well! - Tasha

  3. Yet another Lindy Bop dress added to my wish list! I really can't get over how amazing their A/W pieces have all been, and I'm just sad I've not been rich enough to buy any of them yet. Sob! Also, that necklace is so cool! xx