Monday, 5 December 2016

Handsome Stag..


 Life's been trying it's best to swallow me up lately, I think. But I've been kept afloat by lovely little pockets of happiness, and one of those was the arrival of a lovely new necklace.

I'm not the most festive of folk, so I'm not quite aboard The Christmas Spirit Train just yet, but this And Mary stag necklace is I think, just the right side of being too festive for everyday wear. I teamed it with my Louche Julita dress the other day, which I also consider more "winter" than "Christmassy"...

Handsome Stag Necklace: And Mary c/o Lilac Rose
Beautifully packaged, as per usual from Lilac Rose, I was thrilled skinny to have a new And Mary necklace. I used to have a little chipmunk necklace from the brand, which I bought from a small boutique shop in town many years ago, but he didn't make it home from a holiday with me. Poor chipmunk. 

I really love their jewellery - the teeny ceramic animals are so dainty and remind me of the collection of tiny figurines which adorned a corner of a shelf in my grandparents' spare room when we used to go and stay as children. I think those were Wade figures, perhaps, and the animals which And Mary use for their lovely pieces are certainly quite similar in style. 


I have to admit, this necklace is just the right length for my liking as well. I can't get along with a pendant which hangs too low - I always seem to find myself in ridiculous situations where my necklace is inside my dress, or something. (Nobody else ever seems to have these wardrobe malfunctions, so I think this is just me!)

Anyway, it's a truly lovely necklace and I have barely taken it off since it arrived! A big thank you to Lilac Rose for cheering up my week no end. 


  1. Oh no, I am exactly the same with long necklaces. They just don't work for me- I've ended up getting caught on door handles and almost garroting myself before the impact snaps the necklace!!! I really do like 'And Mary'!

    1. This one really does seem to be the perfect length.