Monday, 30 January 2017

Things to smile about..

I think that this is going to be one of those lists which is mostly for my own benefit, but after my emotional outpouring last week, I think it's important that I focus on the fact that actually, there have been some good things going on, as well. Here are some of the things which are making me smile...

30 Collage
  • Catching up with friends I've not seen in a while and making new ones.
  • My new car is even better than I'd anticipated. Really enjoying it.
  • Finding time to read my way through some of the books which have been waiting patiently. 
  • Getting a little bit of sewing done - I didn't manage to finish anything off but did some more on the quilt and repaired two dresses.
  • Getting my second best time at Parkrun. I was a little peeved that I only needed to be five seconds faster to get a PB, but I guess you can't have a best time every time, and I'm trying to put less pressure on myself.
  • Overcoming my demons about my shape and size and trying my first acro-yoga class. Which was amazing fun. I still felt like an absolute lump compared to the other people there, but it was okay and I wasn't laughed away for taking part. 
  • Spring cleaning - both emotionally and physically. I've dropped off so many bags to charity in the past week or so, recycled as much as possible and de-cluttering continues. I've also made sure that I've removed the toxic people from my life, so that's all good. 
  • Finding out that Emma's treatment for Lyme disease has been working well and donating what I could to her cause
  • Plans to see my favourite people - something which always makes me smile.
What's making you smile this week? 


  1. Lots of things have made me smile this week, I have a list on my blog too! I'm glad you had so many good elements to your week.x

  2. So glad to see a lovely list of things that made you smile! I'm intrigued by the acro-yoga class - I'd LOVE to do that but sadly don't have anywhere nearby to give it a go! And your new car looks fab too :) Keep smiling! xx

  3. Love this list :) It's always good to remind ourselves of the things that make us smile :)